Open Social is a Drupal distribution.

Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Read about the project and download the latest release package.

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To get started you need to have Node, NPM and Gulp installed on your machine. Gulp is the default task runner in the theme.

NPM plugins

All the plugins we need are listed in the package.json file. To install these plugins go the socialbase folder and run npm install. This will get all the dependencies and put tem in the node_modules folder. This folder is ignored by git.

Style guide / prototype

The style guide is read from the dist folder in our theme. There are some assets you need to put there to get started. In the folder socialbase first run gulp init to get the assets in the dist folder.

Now you can run any of the gulp tasks individually or just run gulp (default task).